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For Sale
・ Sailable Waterfront with Unblockable Sunrise View 1536m Colona

For Rent
・ Sailable Oceanfront with Sunrise View 1600m TolKien
    海沿いオーシャンビュー 1600m Tolkien
  L$500/w, 526 prims

Buy or Rent
Sail to Blake Sea Unblockable Oceanfront 1664m Andresson
    海沿いオーシャンビュー 1664m Andresson
 Buy L$45,000
 Rent L$495/w, 550 prims

・ Protected Oceanfront with Unblockable Views 1536m Sedig
       海沿いオーシャンビュー 1536m Sedig
 Buy L$11,000
 Rent L$485, 525 prims


For Sale
・ Sailable Waterfront with Unblockable Sunrise View 2048m Colona

Buy or Rent
・ Unblockable Sunrise View Sailable Oceanfront 2048m Buncrana
  海沿いサンライズビュー 2048m Buncrana
 Buy L$19,500
 Rent L$645/w, 715 prims

・ Sailable Waterfront with Beautiful Ocean Views 2048m Morabulus
 海沿いオーシャンビュー 2048m Morabulus
 Buy L$24,999
 Rent L$645/w, 720 prims

・ Sailable Oceanfront with unblockable Sunrise 2048m Dunnylun
    海沿いサンライズビュー 2048m Dunnylun
   Buy L$16,500
   L$650/w, 702 prims

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We offer a variety of mainland properties in Second Life
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If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact Victor (VictorEdenfield) in-world or by email at  dvine.eden@gmail.com

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