Rental Guidance for Private Estate Parcels

Welcome to D'Vine Eden Estates!
On our private sms, we offer reasonably-priced residential / light commercial parcels for rent.

This is a Quick Guidance page.

・For detailed terms and conditions, please read the covenant.

  →D'Vine Eden Estates Private Sim Covenant

・On available parcels, you will see 'For Rent' signs.

・Prices and prims for each parcel are shown in the land names of About Land.

・Allowed size of your building (width, depth, height) varies depending on parcels.
Be sure to check the links below.

Eden Meadows

Oceanfront Parcels 101120
 Riverfront Parcels 201212 Hilltop Parcels 301313
Eden Reefs
Oceanfront Parcels 101120
 Riverfront Parcels 201212 Hilltop Parcels 301313

We offer parcels with and without houses and furniture.

On parcels with a house and furniture, you can use them the way they are.

If you wish to use your own house and/or furniture, you can return the pre-installed objects.

On parcels without a house and/or furniture, you may place your own. Or, we will provide a house and furniture for you if you request it.
Please see this link for details →

・You may move, edit or return pre-installed objects.

・The box will move outside the parcel on payment.

You get 5% refund for 4-week payment in advance. 
 (If you pay for 4 weeks to the box, 5% of the payment will be automatically refunded to you)

・If you take multiple parcels in our private sims, 3% of the total fee will be discounted. 5% off for 4 parcels or more.

No premium membership needed. 

・Although you don't have to wear the group tag to use your land, you are required to join our Estate Group to receive important notices.

Tenants in our private sims can use the boat rezzer and the swim tube at the public area in the sim.
  See this page for more info→Member Privilege

・This is a residential rental. If you would like to sell your own creations, a light commercial single vendor is allowed.

・You may open small cafes or bars. Refer to the covenant "8. Conduct" for the conditions on number of people and time.

The covenant contains all the info you need to know but if you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact Victor (victoredenfield).

*To see our total land service including Private Estates and Mainland Properties, please visit the portal page.
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