D'Vine Eden Property Rentals: Mainland Covenant

Welcome to D’Vine Eden Property Rentals!
Here is our "Mainland" covenant. Please read it before starting your rental.
Also read “About Land” description for the individual land rental condition.
*For "Private Estate" covenant, proceed to this page→https://is.gd/S8JvjT

~ Getting started ~
・Right-click the rental box and click "Pay", choose the amount of L$ according to how long you’d like to pay in advance.
*You shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on payment.
・The appearance and the position of the rental box changes on payment. In most cases, it will be at the corner of the land or underwater. If you have trouble finding it or would like it placed in a certain position, feel free to ask.
・If someone buys a “Buy or Rent” parcel after you pay rental fee for it, all the money will be refunded.
・You will be invited to our group "D'Vine Eden Property Rentals" within 24 hours. Please contact Victor (VictorEdenfield) if you don’t receive the invitation.
・Activate our group when you rezz objects or change land settings.
・To activate our group, right click yourself, choose “My Groups”. In the new window, right click "D'Vine Eden Property Rentals" and choose “Activate”.
・Our tenants have the right to invite people to our rental group up to 10 people. If you'd like to add more than 10 people, ask us if it is allowed in your case.
・When you invite people to our group, send us a notecard with their usernames you are going to add (display name is not necessary). We reserve the right to remove members whose names are not informed to us.
   Here is an example of notification notecard.→Group Invitation Note example

・Please leave the rental group when you stop renting. Let us know when your friends no longer need to stay in the group. We will remove them from the group.

1. General rule
・Please pay your rent on time. The land will be reclaimed after 1 day of non-payment.
・If you do not intend to renew the rental, please choose the 'Won't Renew' button in the window after you touch the Rental Box.
・Please note that rent is not refundable.
・We are not responsible for the loss that caused in the process of reclaiming the property.
・No Ban-Lines. Instead, you have the right to manage ban lists. This way, you can ban people who you don't want to enter your parcel.
・Security Orbs are allowed. Please give visitors at least 10 seconds before ejected and add our group staff (VictorEdenfield and TeamDvine) on the access list.
・We provide security orbs for our tenants for free on request.
   Here are the instructions. Please read before you set it up.→Security Orb Instruction

・Land / Group Abilities you have
Objects > Rez and return objects, deed objects to group, manipulate group owned objects
Land > Edit terrain, set home to the land, set landing point
About Land > Change parcel name and description, change music & media settings, Show place in search(costs L$30/week, ask us for details)
People > Invite people to the group, manage ban lists, eject and freeze residents on parcels

・Land / Group Abilities you don’t have
  Land > Subdivide or join parcels,
About Land > Set ban lines, toggle options tab settings (to protect our tenants’ privacy, avatars on other parcels cannot see and chat with avatars on the parcel by default)

2. Prims
・Rental box (1prim) is included in used prims.
・When not rented, prims shown above the rental box is “total prims” available on your land.
・If total prim allowance is 500 and our objects on the land (a house or plants for example) has 100 prims, you can add your objects up to 400 prims.
・You may return the objects we have provided and put your own instead, which will increase prim allowance of your own objects. It is recommended that the size and the type of your house be similar to the original.
*Never return objects by About Land function. This is to prevent unexpected damages. You will be charged for all the loss caused by using this function.
・In certain rental situations, extra prims are available for an extra fee. Please refer to the “About Land” description to see if your rental qualifies for extra prims and how much they cost. In some cases, extra prims are available regardless of the description in the "About Land," so feel free to ask.

3. Building code
・Appearance of objects should be in-theme. If you are not sure whether your objects are appropriate, please feel free to ask.
・Do not leave unfinished creations on the ground.
・No privacy screens unless we have already provided.
・No flying objects under 500m high.
・Off-sim items (waves, waterfalls, rocks or stars) are not allowed because they could affect other residents’ view. If you wish to put off-sim items, contact us beforehand. Off-sim items placed without permission might be removed.

4. Terraforming
・Minimal terraforming is allowed. The change should be within ±3m from original height, or less than ±3m where slight change could spoil the landscape.

5. Light commercial
・This is a residential rental. If you'd like to sell your own creations, a light commercial- single vendor is allowed.
・No camping places, gaming machines, or lucky chairs.
・No clubs, no parties, no large group gatherings.

6. Conduct
・Please be considerate of other residents.
・No harassment or stalking.
・No weapons or combat.
・No littering of objects on either your land or other residents’ land.
・No spy scripts or excessively scripted objects.

We reserve the right to change these rules.
We will inform you when changes are made. Please keep up with the latest guidelines.

If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to ask :)
We hope you enjoy your stay!


*~D'Vine Eden Property Rentals~*
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