Member Privilege

Tenants in our private sims can use the boat rezzer and the swim tube at the public area in the sim.
Teleport→ Eden Meadows  Eden Reefs
Feel free to enjoy floating around the public area with them.
・Please proceed as slowly as possible and be careful not to enter other residents’ parcels.
・Sit on the left seat of the boat first.
・You can choose colors of the tube by touching it.
・You may use your own boat. Its size must be 3m wide and 10m long or less.

The floating island above the public area is also available for the members.
Please enjoy the view, meet new friends or chill out.
・You can access the security orb and add your friends temporarily.
*Please remove added people from the orb when leaving the area.
・You may toggle it on and off. Please do not change other settings.
・Furniture on the island is free to use. Please refrain from using couple animations without consent.

*Activate the group tag when using the boat rezzer, the swim tube or the security orb.
*Visitors can also use the public area if accompanied by a tenant. Please make sure they don't enter residents' parcels.

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