Security Orb Instruction v4.1

Thank you for choosing our property rental service.
Here is how our security system works.

1.  Adding people to the access list (or "Visitors" list)
If you want to limit access to chosen people, type the following in local chat:

/8addf Firstname Lastname
/8addf John Eden

Tip 1: Be sure to put a space both after the command and between your friend's first name and last name.
Tip 2: The distance between you and the orb should be within 20m. You can be 100m away if you shout the command.
For people who don't have last names...
/8addf Username
/8addf John5687

Tip 1: Be sure to put a space after the command.
Tip 2: Type your friend's username only.

*Our group staff, VictorEdenfield and TeamDVine, are already added by default.

2. Adding people to the ban list (or "Target" list)
If you want to allow public access but would like to ban certain people, type this command in local chat (Names are examples).

/8addt Firstname Lastname or /8addt Username
Example 1: /8addt John Eden (People who have last names)
Example 2: /8addt John5687 (People who don't have last names)

3. Turning it on
Click on the orb and choose "Turn on".
If you don’t want to allow public access, choose "Friends" in the next dialog. Only people on the access list can enter your parcel.
Otherwise choose "Public". Only people on the ban list cannot enter your parcel.
The system has been set up already, choose "Ignore" when the orb starts rotating.

4. Removing people you previously added
Click on the orb and choose "Names".
Choose either "Visitors" or "Targets" in the next dialog.
Choose numbers which correspond to the names you'd like to remove.
Please don't remove the names of our group staff (VictorEdenfield and TeamDVine).
5. Setting warning time
Warning time is set at 10 seconds by default.
To change the length of time, click on the orb and choose "Settings".
Choose "Scanner" in the next dialog, then choose "ScanTimer".
Choose length of time you'd like to set at, 10 seconds minimum.

*To stay active, it needs to be turned on again every time you change its warning time.

6. Setting scan range
By default, scan range is set at ±500m within the parcel.
To change the range, type  /8up=<number in meters>  or  /8down=<number in meters>  in local chat.

For example, type  /8up=1000  and then type /8down=1000  in local chat if you'd like to set the range at ±1000m from the orb.
You can choose any number instead of 1000.

7. Turning it off
Click on the orb and choose "Turn off".

8. Changing its position or its appearance
Put the orb wherever you'd like it to be.
Modify the shape or texture as you wish.
Please make sure its position or appearance doesn't bother neighbors.
Please do not change the name of the orb.

There are some other features with this security orb but don't change the settings other than what are explained in this notecard.

We are always trying to keep your experience comfortable.
Feel free to contact Victor (VictorEdenfield) if you have any questions or requests.

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Owner: Victor (VictorEdenfield)

Group Invitation Note example

Group Invitation Note

Tenant name: ExampleEdenfield ← Username only

Invitation sent to: InvitedEdenfield, JoinedEdenfield, NewmemberEdenfield ← Username only


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