D'Vine Eden Property Rentals: Mainland Covenant

Welcome to D’Vine Eden Property Rentals!
Here is our "Mainland" covenant. Please read it before starting your rental.
Also read “About Land” description for the individual land rental condition.
*For "Private Estate" covenant, proceed to this page→https://is.gd/S8JvjT

~ Getting started ~
・Right-click the rental box and click "Pay", choose the amount of L$ according to how long you’d like to pay in advance.
*You shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on payment.
・The appearance and the position of the rental box changes on payment. In most cases, it will be at the corner of the land or underwater. If you have trouble finding it or would like it placed in a certain position, feel free to ask.
・If someone buys a “Buy or Rent” parcel after you pay rental fee for it, all the money will be refunded.
・You will be invited to our group "D'Vine Eden Property Rentals" within 24 hours. Please contact Victor (VictorEdenfield) if you don’t receive the invitation.
・Activate our group when you rezz objects or change land settings.
・To activate our group, right click yourself, choose “My Groups”. In the new window, right click "D'Vine Eden Property Rentals" and choose “Activate”.
・Our tenants have the right to invite people to our rental group up to 10 people. If you'd like to add more than 10 people, ask us if it is allowed in your case.
・When you invite people to our group, send us a notecard with their usernames you are going to add (display name is not necessary). We reserve the right to remove members whose names are not informed to us.
   Here is an example of notification notecard.→Group Invitation Note example

・Please leave the rental group when you stop renting. Let us know when your friends no longer need to stay in the group. We will remove them from the group.

1. General rule
・Please pay your rent on time. The land will be reclaimed after 1 day of non-payment.
・If you do not intend to renew the rental, please choose the 'Won't Renew' button in the window after you touch the Rental Box.
・Please note that rent is not refundable.
・We are not responsible for the loss that caused in the process of reclaiming the property.
・No Ban-Lines. Instead, you have the right to manage ban lists. This way, you can ban people who you don't want to enter your parcel.
・Security Orbs are allowed. Please give visitors at least 10 seconds before ejected and add our group staff (VictorEdenfield and TeamDvine) on the access list.
・We provide security orbs for our tenants for free on request.
   Here are the instructions. Please read before you set it up.→Security Orb Instruction

・Land / Group Abilities you have
Objects > Rez and return objects, deed objects to group, manipulate group owned objects
Land > Edit terrain, set home to the land, set landing point
About Land > Change parcel name and description, change music & media settings, Show place in search(costs L$30/week, ask us for details)
People > Invite people to the group, manage ban lists, eject and freeze residents on parcels

・Land / Group Abilities you don’t have
  Land > Subdivide or join parcels,
About Land > Set ban lines, toggle options tab settings (to protect our tenants’ privacy, avatars on other parcels cannot see and chat with avatars on the parcel by default)

2. Prims
・Rental box is not counted as a used prim.
・When not rented, prims shown above the rental box is “total prims” available on your land.
・If total prim allowance is 500 and our objects on the land (a house or plants for example) has 100 prims, you can add your objects up to 400 prims.
・You may return the objects we have provided and put your own instead, which will increase prim allowance of your own objects. It is recommended that the size and the type of your house be similar to the original.
*Never return objects by About Land function. This is to prevent unexpected damages. You will be charged for all the loss caused by using this function.
・In certain rental situations, extra prims are available for an extra fee. Please refer to the “About Land” description to see if your rental qualifies for extra prims and how much they cost. In some cases, extra prims are available regardless of the description in the "About Land," so feel free to ask.

3. Building code
・Appearance of objects should be in-theme. If you are not sure whether your objects are appropriate, please feel free to ask.
・Do not leave unfinished creations on the ground.
・No privacy screens unless we have already provided.
・No flying objects under 500m high.
・Off-sim items (waves, waterfalls, rocks or stars) are not allowed because they could affect other residents’ view. If you wish to put off-sim items, contact us beforehand. Off-sim items placed without permission might be removed.

4. Terraforming
・Minimal terraforming is allowed. The change should be within ±3m from original height, or less than ±3m where slight change could spoil the landscape.

5. Light commercial
・This is a residential rental. If you'd like to sell your own creations, a light commercial- single vendor is allowed.
・No camping places, gaming machines, or lucky chairs.
・No clubs, no parties, no large group gatherings.

6. Conduct
・Please be considerate of other residents.
・No harassment or stalking.
・No weapons or combat.
・No littering of objects on either your land or other residents’ land.
・No spy scripts or excessively scripted objects.

We reserve the right to change these rules.
We will inform you when changes are made. Please keep up with the latest guidelines.

If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to ask :)
We hope you enjoy your stay!


*~D'Vine Eden Property Rentals~*
*~D'Vine Eden Real Estates~*

D'Vine Eden Estates Private Sim Covenant

Welcome to D’Vine Eden Estates!
Here is our "Private Sim" covenant, please read before starting your rental.
Also refer to “About Land” description for the individual land rental conditions.

Feel free to contact Victor (victoredenfield) if you have any questions or requests.

1. Getting started
・Open About Land and buy a parcel. You shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on the purchase.
・Right click the rental box in the parcel and pay your rental fee.
*The box will move outside the parcel on payment. It will be within 10m from the original position. If you have trouble finding it feel free to ask.
・Be sure to pay within 10 minutes from the purchase. If no payments are made within 10 minutes, the parcel will be reclaimed without refund.
・To see your remaining time, right click the box, choose "Touch" and click “Time Left” on the dialogue menu.
・When the time remaining is three days or less, you’ll receive a message “This is a reminder about your rental…” from the box. If you don’t log in for a long time, please make sure you receive offline IMs.
*You can change your IM setting here→http://bit.ly/2xp5gWz
・If you take multiple parcels in our private sims, 3% of the total fee will be discounted. 5% off for 4 parcels or more.
・If you rent adjoining multiple parcels, those parcels can be joined.
*For this option, you need to choose 4-week payment and continue your rental at least 8 weeks.
・Please note that rent is not refundable.

2. Objects on the ground.
・You may return, move or edit the pre-installed objects.
・The appearance of your objects should be matched with the atmosphere of the sim. If you’re not sure whether or not your objects are appropriate, feel free to ask.
・Refrain from placing objects that could be an eyesore for other residents. For example, extremely colorful object, glowing object, large object, hovering object in the air.
*Some objects can be placed even if included in above. Please ask before placement.
・Your objects must be placed within the parcel borders. Unnatural objects such as signs or floating texts must be at least 10m away from the parcel borders.
・Floating texts reach further as the object gets bigger. The size of the scripted object must be 1 cubic meter or smaller.
・Objects such as boxes of products you purchased or unfinished creations must not be left on the ground.
・If you use a rezbox when you place a building, do not leave the building with texts or particles shown on the objects.
 Some rezboxes have a feature such as "Stealth" or similar option, with which you can turn off the particles.
・Temp-rezzers (Rezzers that use temporary prims mainly to reduce land impact) are not allowed.
・Do not block waterways with your objects. Your objects may come in to the waterways to some extent only if they are phantom.

 Unnatural looking buildings are not allowed. Buildings that do not match the atmosphere of the sim such as ruins or haunted houses are also inappropriate.
*Example images of inappropriate structures→http://bit.ly/2fBbkRO
 Allowed size of your building (width, depth, height) vary depending on parcels. Be sure to check the link in the About Land description of each parcel.
 Do not put objects such as furniture or vehicles on the roof. Objects made for roof such as antenna or weathercock may be allowed as long as the highest part is not higher by 3 meters than the height limit of the house.
  Protuberances such as chimneys must be no more than 3 meters higher than the roof.

  You may place up to 3 plants that are up to 4 meters higher than the building as long as their position and/or shape do not obscure the view of other residents. Other than plants no objects can exceed the building height limit.
 Leaves or branches of your plants must not encroach to other residents’ parcels. They may encroach to common areas between residents’ parcels to some extent.

・Off-sim items (waves, waterfalls, rocks or stars) are not allowed because they could affect other residents’ view. If you wish to place off-sim items, contact us beforehand. Off-sim items placed without permission might be removed.

 Basically particles are not allowed. Natural particles such as leaves that fall vertically, flame of campfire or waterfall splash are acceptable.
 Smoke from chimneys or campfires must be turned off. It could go into other residents’ parcels or block other residents’ view. Smoke is allowed only when they don’t affect other residents’ view or the landscaping of the sim
 Weather systems are not allowed. Rain particles may be permitted only in a small hidden area of your land.

・Breedables and pets
  You can put breedable animals on the ground up to 2 pieces. Other breedables must be put in the sky. You can put up to 5 pieces total per parcel.
 Moving pets can bump into things and lag the sim badly. Please set the moving range as small as possible or put your pets to sleep (turn the movement off) when you are not around.

・Adult contents
Furniture that contains adult animations are allowed only if they appear to be normal furniture. Furniture that is obviously intended for adult use or any adult/porn contents other than furniture must be in the sky and inside your building.

・About Land settings
If you allow "Build" or "Object Entry" to anyone, you must turn on auto return on the "Objects" tab. Return time must be 1-30. If the time is 0 or more than 30, the risk that someone else would put objects on your parcel gets higher.
*Once you set the auto return time, all pre-installed objects will be returned. If you'd like to set auto return time and yet keep the objects we offer, please consult us first.

3. Sky Use
・Use the sky platform and the teleporters we have set up on each parcel.
・If you replace the platform with yours, it should be placed at the same height.
・The highest part of your objects should not be higher than 40 meters from the platform.
・Your objects in the sky may encroach to outer area by several meters.
・Although there are no detailed building codes in the sky, please refrain from placing things that may make other residents feel uncomfortable. e.g. dirty things, something that associate with crime, swear words, explicit porn contents outside the building.

4. Scripts
・If you use scripts that emit sound or text such as security system or greeter, confine the active area within your parcel.
・Do not use spy scripts, scripts that may consume a lot of resources or any other scripts that may cause trouble.

5. Privacy
・Privacy screens are not allowed. Instead, by unchecking the box “Avatars on other parcels can…” on About Land Options tab, you can block view and chat from other parcels.
・Ban-Lines are not allowed. Instead, you have the right to manage ban lists of About Land Access tab.
・Security Orbs are allowed. Please give visitors at least 5 seconds before ejected. Please add our staff (VictorEdenfield and TeamDvine) to the access list.

6. Terraforming
・Allowed terraforming range is +0.5m and -5m from the original height. Be sure not to terraform the way landscaping is damaged badly.
・Be sure to uncheck the box “Edit Terrain” on About Land Options tab. If checked, others may destroy your terraforming either by mistake or on purpose.
・Part of the ground at your parcel may be rough and terraforming may be hard. We provide prims textured with terrain textures to amend the roughness. The giver is at the left corner of Private Sim section in the office.

7. Light commercial
・This is a residential rental. If you'd like to sell your own creations, a light commercial- single vendor is allowed.
・You may open small cafes or bars. Refer to "8. Conduct" for the conditions on number of people and time.
・If you place signs, make sure that their size or coloring would not affect other residents’ view. Signs that have excessive glowing effect such as neon signs are not allowed.
・Camping places, gaming machines, lucky chairs, or lucky boards are not allowed.

8. Conduct
・Please be considerate of other residents.
・Large group gatherings such as clubs or events are not allowed. (A small gathering of around 10 people would be acceptable if it's up to 3 hours a day, 3 days a week)
・No nudity outside your own parcel.
・No harassment or stalking.
・No weapons or combat.
・Be responsible for the behavior of your guests you invite to this sim.
・We are not responsible for any troubles between residents. We could provide consultation but we are not responsible for the result.

9. Group and privilege
・After your first payment, we will send an invitation for our group "D'Vine Eden Estates" as soon as possible. You will need to activate your group tag when moving or editing the pre-installed objects. Also important information are sent via group notices. If you don’t receive the invitation within 24 hours, please contact Victor.
・In addition to the main payer, one more person can join the group. Feel free to request an invitation.
・Group members can use the boat rezzer and the swim tube at the public area in the sim.
  See this page for more info→Member Privilege

10. Renewal and cancellation
・If you wish to renew your rental term, pay the rental fee at the office before expiry.
・If you wish to pay at your own parcel, feel free to ask. We will install a box (1 prim) or a meter (4 prims). (You will not be able to pay at the office)
・Be sure to pay before expiry. If no payments are made within 24 hours from expiry, your objects will be returned and the land will be reclaimed.
・If you do not intend to renew your rental, please touch the box and choose 'Won't Renew' button in the menu.
・Please collect your own objects and leave the group when you stop renting.
・We are not responsible for any loss that would be caused in the process of reclaiming the property.
・If you wish to move to another parcel during your rental term ,the rent already paid can be transferred to the new parcel. Transferring the rent will be free once a year. If you move more frequently there will be a cost of L$500 for each transfer unless it is to a more expensive parcel.
・Reselling a parcel is not allowed.
・Refrain from repeating rental and cancellation frequently.
・If any of our tenants are in violation of this agreement or suspected to be in violation, warning will be given by IM. If appropriate action is not taken despite warning, we will cancel the lease without refund.
・If something is need to be solved urgently, we will take appropriate measures with or without notices.
・If the degree of violation is remarkable, or if the violation is repeated, we will cancel the lease without warning.
・If you see any acts that violate these terms, please contact Victor.

We reserve the right to change these rules.
We will inform you when changes are made. Please keep up with the latest guidelines.

If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to ask :)
We hope you enjoy your stay!


*~D'Vine Eden Estates~*
*~D'Vine Eden Property Rentals~*

NG House Examples / 設置できない建物の例

・Example images of structures that are inappropriate for our private sims
*Even if the shape is similar, some objects may be acceptable depending on the size. Ask us before placement.


Reserving a private sim parcel / プライベートシム区画の予約について

If you find a parcel that you want to rent but its rental box is locked, you can make a reservation for the parcel.
*Rental boxes are located at the left section of our office→TP to the office

・Reservation fee is the same amount as 2-week rental fee.
*Rental fee is shown in the land name of About Land General tab.
*Rental boxes cannot accept reservation fee. Please pay it directry to Victor.
・We will work on landscaping and install a house and furniture. The reserved parcel will be available for you within a week.
*If you have any requests as to landscaping or house, feel free to ask.
・As soon as your parcel is ready we will inform you via IM. This is when your rental term starts.
・The reservation fee will be applied to the first 2-week rental fee.
・If you cancel your reservation, reservation fee will not be refunded.
・If we cannot make it available within a week, we will refund the reservation fee.
・If the reserved parcel becomes available after a week and you choose to rent it, reservation fee is not refundable but we will extend your lease for 2 weeks as compansation.

Feel free to contact Victor (victoredenfield) if you have any questions :)




Member Privilege / メンバー特典

Tenants in our private sims can use the boat rezzer and the swim tube at the public area in the sim.
Teleport→ Eden Meadows  Eden Reefs
Feel free to enjoy floating around the public area with them.
・Please proceed as slowly as possible and be careful not to enter other residents’ parcels.
・Sit on the left seat of the boat first.
・You can choose colors of the tube by touching it.
・You may use your own boat. Its size must be 3m wide and 10m long or less.

The floating island above the public area is also available for the members.
Please enjoy the view, meet new friends or chill out.
・You can access the security orb and add your friends temporarily.
*Please remove added people from the orb when leaving the area.
・You may toggle it on and off. Please do not change other settings.
・Furniture on the island is free to use. Please refrain from using couple animations without consent.

*Activate the group tag when using the boat rezzer, the swim tube or the security orb.
*Visitors can also use the public area if accompanied by a tenant. Please make sure they don't enter residents' parcels.

プライベートシムの入居者の皆さんは、シムの公共エリア(Public Area)にあるボートと浮き輪を利用できます。
テレポート→ Eden Meadows  Eden Reefs